Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a good solution for replacing a missing tooth. Dental bridges, sometimes called fixed dentures, are restorations that use your existing teeth to support a false tooth, called a pontic.

A dental bridge typically involves three units: two crowns anchored on teeth adjacent to the gap that support the middle false tooth. Sometimes, though, bridges are constructed to be supported by dental implants. Bridges have a number of advantages:

  • Can be used when you do not have enough jawbone to support an implant
  • Are firmly anchored to your existing teeth so they won’t slip like removable dentures
  • Are long-lasting restorations
  • Are efficient restorations if teeth adjacent to the gap would benefit from crowns

Most bridges are only recommended for a single missing tooth. To replace more missing teeth, you may need a combination of a dental bridge and dental implants.

To be a good candidate for a dental bridge, you must either have teeth in a good enough condition to support your bridge or you must be a candidate for dental implants to support the bridge. When properly cared for, a dental bridge is expected to last 10-15 years.

To learn more about dental bridges, please contact Dr. Howard Perlmutter, helping patients across Bergen County, NJ.

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