Dental Myths

Despite the fact that we live in the Information Age, misinformation still abounds. Many false “facts” about general dentistry affect the average person’s understanding of good dental health. We have debunked some of the most common myths below:

  • The harder you brush, the better – Brushing your teeth too hard is actually harmful, since it wears down the protective enamel layer on your teeth’s surface. You can brush gently and still be thorough enough to remove plaque.
  • Gum disease only affects your mouth – Recent research shows that periodontal disease can aggravate diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and other conditions. Your oral health affects your entire body.
  • It doesn’t matter if baby teeth get cavities – Since baby teeth eventually fall out, many people wrongly assume that tooth decay isn’t an issue. The adult tooth below a baby tooth can be damaged by severe decay before it even erupts, and if a baby tooth falls out too early because of decay, the new tooth often grows in crooked.
  • The more sugar you eat, the higher your risk of tooth decay – How much sugar you eat actually doesn’t matter as much as how long you allow your teeth to be exposed to sugar. For example, sipping soda and eating hard candy that slowly dissolves in the mouth is more harmful than chocolate and other quickly-eaten sugary treats.

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