How an Oral Piercing Affects Your Teeth and Mouth

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How an Oral Piercing Affects Your Teeth and Mouth

Piercings in your lips and tongue have the potential to create cosmetic dental problems, as well as problems associated with the function and health of your mouth. As a result of oral piercings, you may be at greater risk of:

  • Injury to the gums, leading to gum recession.
  • Tooth loss from gum recession.
  • Teeth damage, including cracks and chips.
  • Interference with chewing and speech.
  • Oral infections.

If you plan to get an oral piercing, you can reduce the risk of these complications by choosing a safe, reputable piercing studio. Ask the employees about their sterilization techniques and other steps they take to prevent infection. Sterile equipment and jewelry can help you avoid infections that would otherwise occur during the piercing procedure.

You should visit the dentist regularly if you have an oral piercing. Your jewelry may do a great deal of harm to your gums, causing inflammation and recession. Periodontics care may be necessary to treat any infection of the gums. Your dentist can spot signs of serious recession or infection early, and let you know whether you need to remove your jewelry to prevent further damage.

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