Rinse–then Wait–Then Brush after Eating

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Rinse–then Wait–Then Brush after Eating

Most of us have been told by our dentist that we ought to clean our teeth after eating. When we eat, we also give tooth bacteria a chance to eat, and when they eat, they excrete acid that damages our tooth enamel, the shiny white outer layer of our teeth. So it’s best to brush and get rid of extra food and bacteria as soon as possible after eating, right?

Almost. It’s true that bacteria populations spike after meals and that we want to get rid of them to prevent excessive damage to teeth. But right after eating–especially if your meal contained citric acid (common in fruit) or phosphoric acid (used in carbonated soft drinks), your enamel may be softened and vulnerable. When you brush right after eating, you could be brushing away enamel. Here’s how to clean your teeth and remove bacteria safely after every meal.

After you have finished eating, rinse your mouth with water. This will remove some food particles, but most importantly it will remove excess acid residue on your teeth. Now wait about half an hour. This will give your saliva time to re-establish the proper pH in your mouth and harden your dental enamel. Then brush to remove the rest of the food particles and bacteria colonies.

If you follow this extra step in taking care of your teeth, you will be happy with the results next time you visit the dentist–less need for tooth-colored fillings or dental crowns.

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