Three Amazing Benefits Exclusive to Invisalign®

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Three Amazing Benefits Exclusive to Invisalign®

If you are ready to correct your malocclusion and improve the strength, health, and appearance of your smile, there are three rather considerable reasons to choose Invisalign®:

  1. Invisalign helps you stay physically healthy – by not restricting your intake of crunchy fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other raw and wholesome food, maintaining a healthy diet while on Invisalign is very simple
  2. Invisalign helps you maintain peak oral health – by not limiting your ability to bush and floss, Invisalign enables you to maintain your daily oral care regimen without necessitating complicated instruments or cumbersome routines
  3. Invisalign helps decrease treatment time – thanks to the inventive method used by Invisalign to straighten teeth, treatment time is often two to three-times shorter than traditional braces

There are a number of compelling reasons to choose Invisalign for your orthodontic treatment. To learn more, please call Bergenfield Invisalign dentist Dr. Howard Perlmutter at 201-384-9292 or contact us online to schedule your initial consultation today.

Located in Dumont, we welcome patients from all areas of Bergen County including Haworth, Paramus, and Hackensack. Dr. Perlmutter is an Invisalign Preferred Provider who has significant experience helping men and women throughout our area achieve straight and beautiful smiles using this unique and effective system.


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