Although toothaches are most commonly the result of tooth decay, cavities are not alone in causing pain in and around teeth.

Regardless of cause, it’s a good idea to schedule an exam with Bergenfield, New Jersey, dentist Dr. Howard L. Perlmutter of Dumont Cosmetic Dental if you suffer from a toothache. The sooner we are able to diagnose the source of a toothache, the more efficiently, effectively and comfortably we can treat the problem.

Tooth decay can cause toothaches when the plaque erodes through the protective enamel on the outer layer of your teeth. Early symptoms of tooth decay may include discomfort when you eat or drink something sweet or sour, or extremely hot or cold.

Toothaches can also be the result of physical trauma that cracks or fractures teeth. As with tooth decay, even minor breaks in a tooth can expose the sensitive interior layers below the enamel, causing shooting pain.

A sinus infection or other nasal condition can also cause toothaches due to the proximity between the upper teeth and the sinus cavity. Toothaches and general mouth pain may also be a sign of periodontal disease, especially when accompanied by swollen or bleeding gums.

If you experience a lingering toothache, please contact Dumont Cosmetic Dental to schedule your appointment with Bergenfield, New Jersey, dentist Dr. Howard L. Perlmutter. We also welcome patients from the Dumont, Paramus, Haworth and surrounding areas in New Jersey.

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