Why are Dental Implants Made of Titanium?

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Why are Dental Implants Made of Titanium?

Dental implants are by far the best solution for missing teeth. The implant itself is placed in the jaw line and acts as a replacement for the missing tooth root, and is then covered with a dental crown to match your natural teeth.

The material used to make the dental implant is titanium. This is due to titanium’s beneficial qualities, which make it the best choice to use in the dental implant procedure.

Benefits of Using Titanium Implants

Your body rejects many foreign substances, but titanium is readily accepted. When the titanium implant is place in your jaw line, the bone grows around it over a period of months giving you a permanent solution to your missing tooth.

There is a film that coats titanium that keeps it from corroding. With all of the acids, salts, oxygen, as well as bacteria, within your mouth, you want something that won’t be harmed by any of these solutions. Titanium is the best metal for this area.

Finally, there are different types of surfaces that can be put on the titanium implant. It can be sprayed with plasma, etched with acid, blasted with grit, or coated with hydroxyapatite. This last material is also part of what makes up bone, allowing titanium to bond with your jaw bone.

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