Why Should I Replace my Missing Teeth?

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Why Should I Replace my Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth pose a number of serious oral health issues. When a tooth is missing, bite tension is altered – a factor that can result in uneven tooth wear, excessive damage to remaining teeth, and additional tooth loss. What’s more, teeth adjacent to those missing will eventually slide into the empty space, further altering bite tension and strength.

When a tooth is missing so too is its root, and this allows your body to reabsorb the minerals surrounding the hole for use elsewhere. When these minerals are gone, the physical structure of the jaw changes, giving it a sunken or collapsed look. Dental implants alone address this issue, making them the most comprehensive of the tooth replacement options.

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Dental implants replace a tooth’s missing root, enabling them to prevent jaw shrinkage and collapse. They also work to prevent damage to and movement of adjacent teeth, helping protect the strength and function of your smile. What’s more, dental implants produce a completely natural-looking restoration, giving your smile an attractive and healthy appearance.

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