Dental Implant Candidacy

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Dental Implant Candidacy

If you have one or more missing teeth or if you are facing the removal of a tooth in the near future, you are likely considering dental implants as a replacement option. Dental implants allow you to eat all the same foods you enjoyed before losing any teeth. They also require no additional care and stimulate your gum and bone health. Dental implants are the best restoration for replacing lost teeth, but they are not for everyone. To be a good candidate for dental implants you must:

  • Have sufficient bone and bone density to support the implant
  • Not have any unresolved infections, including advanced gum disease
  • Have good general health including bone and circulatory health that will allow your bone to heal around the dental implant
  • Be a nonsmoker or prepared to quit smoking for the surgery and recovery

If you meet these characteristics, then you are an ideal candidate for dental implants. The best way to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants is to schedule a consultation with a dentist. You can also receive help if you may need a bone graft or periodontal treatment to improve your candidacy for dental implants. To learn whether you are a candidate for dental implants, please contact Bergen County cosmetic dentist Dr. Howard Perlmutter today.


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