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Your gum health is a key factor in how long you will keep your natural teeth. Your oral health is made up of the interdependent relationship of your teeth, gums, jaws, and other soft tissues. Each supports the health of the others. Your gums are no different. The specialized dental practice of treating gum health issues is known as periodontics, and Dr. Howard Perlmutter is trained to provide periodontal care in Oradell.

Focus on Periodontics

At Oradell Family Dental, one of our main focuses is on periodontal health, which directly affects the stability and health of your teeth. If plaque and tartar are allowed to build up below the gum line, you may develop gum disease, which can cause you to lose your teeth.

In a similar way, your tooth health can either stimulate gum health or damage it if care is not taken to maintain a high standard of dental hygiene. While periodontal health is not the only important factor to the health and beauty of your smile, it is one far too often overlooked when discussing dental care.

Periodontal Care and Treatment

One of the best ways you can protect the health of your gums is by remembering to pay attention to them during your daily dental hygiene regimen. Flossing does help remove food and bacterial buildup from between your teeth, but more importantly it removes food and debris trapped against your gums, where it is likely to do the most damage. Bacteria can multiply very quickly once it takes hold in your mouth, damaging your gums very quickly.

If you are able to floss after each meal you should do so by moving the floss between your teeth with a gentle back-and-forth motion, rather than snapping it down between your teeth. If you are unable to floss after each meal, rinsing your mouth with water can help dislodge food and debris stuck between your teeth.

You should be careful not to damage your gums with overly vigorous flossing or tooth picks, as damaged gum tissue is more susceptible to the negative effects of oral bacteria. If you notice a change in your gum health, you should visit Oradell periodontic dentist Dr. Howard Perlmutter as soon as possible to prevent further decay or damage.

You may have a gum disorder if:

  • Your gums have recently changed color or texture
  • Your breath has become consistently unpleasant
  • You experience bleeding gums when you brush your teeth or floss
  • Your gums are sensitive to touch, heat or cold

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When you experience gum pain or other signs of gum damage, please contact our dentist today to learn more about periodontics in Oradell. We serve patients in Northern New Jersey, including Dumont, Oradell, Haworth, Paramus and Bergenfield.

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