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Bruxism is a condition where a person grinds or clenches his or her teeth; it can occur when awake or asleep. Bruxism that happens while a person is awake is more common, but bruxism that happens during sleep has been studied more. Children, as well as adults, can have this condition.

When you grind or clench your teeth at night, you may experience headaches and jaw pain in the morning. Over time, grinding can wear down your teeth. If you grind or clench your teeth, you could benefit from speaking with our dentist, Dr. Howard Perlmutter, about a custom night guard in Oradell.

Bruxism can create many problems. Once you get your custom-made night guard, you may find that you experience less jaw pain, fewer headaches, and better sleep, in addition to protecting your teeth. Dr. Perlmutter and all the members of our professional dental team will get to know you, your bite, and your lifestyle to offer you the optimal treatments for your bruxism.

The Impact of Bruxism

Bruxism is when you grind your teeth (slide your teeth back and forth over each other). People can clench and grind without being aware of it during the day and night. Bruxism during sleep is often a bigger problem because it is harder to control. Grinding your teeth puts pressure on the muscles, tissues, and other structures around your jaw. The symptoms can cause temporomandibular joint problems (TMJ). Grinding can wear down your teeth, causing headaches and earaches. Trained dentists know how to identify bruxism based on tooth wear.

Dr. Perlmutter recommends treating bruxism immediately, since left untreated, bruxism can have severe consequences, including:

Gum Recession

Bruxism damages the soft tissue of your mouth, which can lead to receding gums, bone loss, and even tooth loss.

Chewing Surface Trauma

Clenching and grinding your teeth can lead to abnormal wear on the chewing surfaces of your teeth. These abnormal wear patterns can lead to tooth fractures, requiring additional restorative treatments.

Patients suffering from bruxism while resting should contact our Oradell office immediately. Wearing a night guard for clenching and teeth grinding can help protect your teeth and provide relief from temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ).

Benefits of Custom-Fit Night Guards

When he examines your mouth, Dr. Perlmutter will assess your bruxism and create a treatment plan for a custom-made night guard. Our team will take impressions of your teeth and send them to a lab, which will create a custom night guard following Dr Perlmutter’s instructions. Patients who clench and grind should wear a night guard to bed each night. This protects your teeth and joints from damage due to bruxism.

Protecting your mouth from bruxism offers many benefits. Our Oradell team uses night guards to protect your teeth and jaw, as well as joints around your mouth. In addition to providing a protective barrier between your upper and lower teeth, night guards can also:

  • Alleviate headaches by minimizing grinding
  • Prevent soft tissue damage in your cheek and tongue
  • Prevent tooth damage, including chipping, fractions, and enamel erosion
  • Increase the lifespan of dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, and veneers
  • Improve sleep quality by reducing disruptive noises and preventing associated discomfort
  • Relieve pain in the joints and muscles of your jaw by distributing the forces generated during grinding
  • Preserving the aesthetic appearance of your teeth by preventing damage and wear that can affect your smile

Custom-made night guards offer a better fit and greater comfort than over-the-counter options because they are created for your specific dental anatomy. Getting a properly fitted night guard with Dr. Perlmutter can help improve not just your smile but also your quality of life.

Call Our Oradell Dentist for a Custom-Made Night Guard

When grinding your teeth at night has created issues for you during the day, schedule an appointment with Dr. Howard Perlmutter and his team about treatment options for protecting your mouth and jaw. Dr. Perlmutter can help keep your smile bright and pain-free with night guards in Oradell. Call now to speak with one of our dental professionals.

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