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Dental emergencies can come out of nowhere and cause severe pain and inconvenience. They can happen for a variety of reasons. One cause of emergencies is trauma, such as an accident. But at any time, a crown, filling or other restoration might fall out, causing severe pain. Without treatment, most emergencies become more painful.

Restorations can come loose while eating. When these restorations come loose or fall out, that area of your mouth will likely be very sensitive to different temperatures or pressure. We know this means discomfort for you. Often, these changes to restorations are due to tooth decay beneath the restoration. The decay causes the restoration to no longer fit the same. If you’ve lost a crown, hold onto it and call our office to make an appointment as soon as possible. Once you come in for your appointment, we’ll check to see if the crown still fits. If so, we’ll reattach it to the tooth after cleaning up any tooth decay. When a crown no longer fits, we’ll take impressions and fit you for a new one.

Teeth are incredibly strong, but they can still crack and break after time or due to trauma or grinding. Initial cracks might be something you don’t notice. But over time, the crack can lengthen to the tooth’s root. Generally, this is when you start to feel it. Do not ignore dental pain because the sooner we treat it, the better the prognosis is to save the tooth. If you’ve cracked or broken a part of your tooth, call our office right away. Once you visit our office, Dr Perlmutter will assess the state of your tooth and do all he can to save the tooth. In some cases, a root canal is necessary to keep your natural tooth.

Generally, dental pain is a sign that something is not right. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr Perlmutter if you’re experiencing oral discomfort of any kind so that he may assess the problem and prevent further damage.


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