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A dental crown is a tooth shaped cap that restores decayed, broken, weak or worn-down teeth. Crowns are also used to restore dental implants and root canal treated teeth. Dr. Howard Perlmutter, an experienced dentist, can offer more information about dental crowns in Oradell.

Dental Crowns Explained

Crowns serve several purposes. You may need a dental crown to strengthen a weak tooth, protect and support a cracked tooth, restore a worn down or broken tooth, support a dental bridge, cover a severely stained or discolored tooth, restore a root canal treated tooth or restore a dental implant.

Because the dental crown is able to protect the natural tooth root, it is always recommended by a dentist when it is known that the tooth has become damaged or decayed too much to be saved any other way. Dr Perlmutter’s primary goal and focus are always in saving a person’s natural teeth and roots while keeping them in place in the mouth to ensure no other oral health issues pop up.

At our Oradell office, we use porcelain dental crowns, one of the leading choices for people that are looking to replace their teeth. They are an option that is durable and looks the most like natural teeth.

The Process of Getting a Dental Crown

Dental crown placement usually requires two appointments. During your first visit, Dr Perlmutter will prepare your tooth or teeth for a crown by removing some of your natural enamel. This makes space for your new crown and ensures that it will stay in place once bonded. Your dentist may also remove decay and place a filling material called a core build up to create a strong foundation for your new crown.

Next, Dr. Perlmutter will take impressions of your teeth and send these impressions to a dental lab with specific instructions regarding color and shape that the lab technician will use to create your custom all porcelain dental crown. It usually takes about two weeks for the dental lab to make your new crown.

While you wait for your final crown, you will have a temporary crown placed. When the lab finishes your new crown, they’ll send it back to Oradell Family Dental.

During your second office visit, Dr Perlmutter will remove your temporary crown, check the shape, color and fit of your new crown and then bond the new crown to your tooth using a strong dental cement.

Have More Questions About Porcelain Crowns? Ask Our Oradell Dentist

We are always ready to answer additional questions you may have about porcelain dental crowns in Oradell. We are happy to help guide you to make the best decisions for your teeth and oral health.

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