Holiday Special: Over 50% Off Professional Teeth Whitening

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Holiday Special: Over 50% Off Professional Teeth Whitening

Oradell Family Dental is offering in-office tooth whitening services at a heavily discounted price for the holidays. Now through December, we are offering our complete tooth whitening package for just $399 – that’s a full $425 off of a comprehensive smile brightening service that includes:

  • In-office whitening with ZOOM! – with this service, Dr. Perlmutter can lighten your teeth up to ten shades in just one hour
  • Take-home ZOOM! Whitening maintenance kit – bleaching solution and customized application trays that allow you to keep your teeth bright and attractive following your chairside service

This complete package is all you need to remove stain and discoloration from the surface of your teeth – and to keep your teeth brilliant and stain-free for years to come. If you are interested in brightening your teeth in time for the holidays, contact our Oradell, New Jersey office today to take advantage of this amazing offer.

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Why Choose Professional Tooth Whitening?

At $399, our professional teeth whitening services are heavily discounted, but for under $50, you can find take-home tooth whitening kits in stores. Why would anyone pay more, just to have a dentist whiten their teeth?

There are several reasons.

First and foremost, store-bought tooth whiteners are frustratingly slow and unreliable. They tend to whiten in patches, unevenly lightening certain areas while leaving others untouched – and they may even take one month or more to do this much. Some of the poor results offered by store-bought tooth whiteners have to do will ill-fitting application trays – trays that can easily allow the seepage of bleaching solution onto sensitive oral tissue, increasing risks tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.

Store-bought kits are incapable of lightening deeper stains and may even make those stains more obtrusive as surrounding enamel is lightened. What’s more, any results you may obtain from store-bought tooth whitening kits will likely be short-lived, requiring multiple touch-ups to maintain. Multiple $50 touch-ups can quickly exceed the cost of a single professional treatment, often making store-bought whitening a more expensive proposition in the long-run.

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By contrast, chairside tooth whitening is incredibly fast, capable of lightening even deep stains over the course of one hour. Once those results have been obtained, maintenance is made simple with the completely customized take-home kits provided as part of our holiday tooth whitening special.

Our take-home kits come with application trays that have been molded precisely to your teeth. Not only does this allow each tooth to be whitened in its entirety, but the snug fit protects against seepage, reducing risks of sensitivity and irritation.

Faster, significantly more reliable, and much more comfortable than store-bought alternatives, the professional tooth whitening solutions offered by Oradell cosmetic dentist Dr. Howard Perlmutter provide a number of advantages. If you are considering holiday tooth whitening or simply looking for the best deal on professional tooth bleaching, please call 201-384-9292 to schedule an appointment at Oradell Fairly Dental today.

Located in Oradell, our cosmetic dentist serves Bergenfield, Dumont, and all surrounding areas of New Jersey.

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