Increasing Interest in Adult Orthodontics

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Increasing Interest in Adult Orthodontics

According to a survey from the American Association of Orthodontists, the number of adults seeking orthodontia has reached record highs. This is largely due to the advent of more comfortable and less obtrusive options such as Invisalign®, which has allowed for adults to discreetly address malocclusion in a fraction of the time required for braces.

Invisalign offers a number of benefits for adults seeking orthodontic treatment. The clear plastic aligners are not only discreet, they’re comfortable, and will not cut or otherwise irritate sensitive oral tissue. What’s more, because Invisalign can be removed for eating and teeth cleaning, they allow adults to maintain a normal diet and healthy oral hygiene routine. It is due to benefits such as these that more adults are turning to Invisalign to address bite irregularities.

Is Invisalign Right for You?

Invisalign is a wonderful way to address moderate to more pronounced malocclusion, but it may not be ideally suited to meet the needs of every adult patient. The best way to learn if Invisalign or another adult orthodontic option is right for you is through an evaluation with an experienced dentist.

Bergenfield family dentist Dr. Howard Perlmutter would be happy to meet with you for an orthodontic evaluation to help you determine if Invisalign is a good option for your smile.

To schedule your adult orthodontic consultation with Dr. Perlmutter, please contact Dumont Cosmetic Dental today. Dr. Perlmutter serves Bergen Country and surrounding areas of New Jersey from our comfortable and convenient Dumont office.

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