Probiotics for Chronic Periodontitis

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Probiotics for Chronic Periodontitis

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study has determined that probiotics, specifically lactobacillus reuteri, increase the efficacy of gum disease treatment by 53 percent. This news is welcome for those suffering from chronic periodontitis who have found other methods to be of little use – particularly because probiotics have no adverse side-effects and are naturally found in many foods and beverages including yogurt and kefir.

It is important to note that this study concluded that probiotics are equally effective to antibiotics in the treatment of chronic periodontitis. It was not intended to establish if daily use of probiotics could help prevent gum disease.

What’s Best for Your Needs

Dumont family dentist Dr. Howard Perlmutter takes a combined approach in treating gum disease. Often this includes scaling and root planing along with more consistent at-home and office routines. Adding probiotics either in pill form or through food sources may significantly increase the effectiveness of these other methods. During your periodontal treatment evaluation Dr. Perlmutter would be happy to discuss this with you in greater detail and to help you determine the most effective source of probiotics for your needs.

If you are suffering from gum disease in Bergen County, please contact Dumont Cosmetic Dental to schedule a treatment consultation today. Dr. Perlmutter serves Dumont, Haworth, Paramus, Bergenfield, and surrounding Northern Jersey communities.


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