Tooth Pain and Sinuses

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Tooth Pain and Sinuses

While many instances of tooth pain are the result of tooth decay, there is sometimes a direct connection between a toothache and sinuses. If you suffer from recurring tooth pain, Bergenfield, New Jersey, dentist Dr. Howard L. Perlmutter of Dumont Cosmetic Dental can assess the source of your discomfort and recommend custom treatment options designed to address your unique needs. Tooth pain can be caused by a wide range of factors, from cavities to fractures to sinus infections. Tooth pain related to sinus problems typically affects the upper-rear teeth, due to their location in relation to the sinus cavities. Inflamed or swollen sinuses can put undue pressure on surrounding areas of the face, including the interior of the mouth, causing dull, throbbing pain. Physical deformities such as small nasal passages or damage caused by physical trauma can also affect your sinuses and contribute to toothaches. Although tooth pain associated with sinus issues may come and go, it’s important to treat the underlying problem. Research has shown that people who experience frequent sinus infections face a greater risk of developing impacted wisdom teeth and cavities. Left untreated, sinus infections and related dental problems can cause progressively painful and severe oral health issues. If you suffer from tooth pain, please contact Dumont Cosmetic Dental to schedule your appointment with Bergenfield, New Jersey, dentist Dr. Howard L. Perlmutter. We also welcome patients from the Dumont, Paramus, Haworth and surrounding areas in New Jersey.

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