What’s New with Cosmetic Dentistry?

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What’s New with Cosmetic Dentistry?

As with all medical fields, cosmetic dentistry is always changing and improving as new technologies, materials, and best practices are developed. Even procedures, like dental crowns and porcelain veneers, that have been around for some time are updated. The Haworth, New Jersey practice of Dumont Cosmetic Dental stays abreast of these changes, and we know that with each improvement, we are better able to serve our patients. Newer procedures at Dumont Cosmetic Dental include:

  • Invisalign® – Clear plastic aligners give adults who want to straighten their teeth the option of wearing something other than traditional metal braces.
  • Dental crowns – Dental crowns have been around for some time, but the ability to create white crowns made of zirconia that come from various dental labs that can be placed and look natural is something our patients are happy about

In addition to these procedures, intraoral cameras are becoming commonplace, but they allow patients to actually see what is going on in their mouth as we work. Using digital x-rays that are lower in radiation than traditional x-rays is much safer for our patients. These are only a few things that are new in cosmetic dentistry. This is a field that is constantly changing and improving. Cosmetic dentistry patients today are witnesses to some of the most advanced technology in dentistry. If you would like to learn more about what is new with cosmetic dentistry and are in the Haworth, New Jersey area, please contact Dumont Cosmetic Dental to schedule an appointment today.


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