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Q & A with Dr. Perlmutter

Cosmetic Dentistry and Eating Disorders

The unfortunate reality is that eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia are destructive to natural or cosmetically enhanced teeth. During your time in…

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Why Are Smile Makeovers So Expensive?

A properly trained Dentist who has had years of experience in Smile Makeovers has had exposure to many hours of continuing education. The necessary steps…

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Should I Switch out my Veneers for Crowns?

In your specific case of veneers regularly breaking or popping off sounds like a bite or Occlusal problem or perhaps a preparation and or bonding problem….

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Can Veneers Be Done for Just Two Front Teeth to Close the Space Between Them?

The placement of two Porcelain Veneers will most definitely work if the pre-existing space between your two front teeth is not too large. If the space is…

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Can I Do Veneers On Upper Teeth Without Doing Lower Teeth To Save Money?

It seems that your smile is important to you based on your line of work as well as your self esteem. Many times it is most acceptable to Restore Upper teeth…

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Does Invisalign Work on Crowded Teeth?

Invisalign clear aligners are quite effective in treating Crowded Teeth. The relatively new Invisalign Teen has some extra features that aid in compliance,…

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Invisalign Tray 1 Lost on Day 2. Is It Ok to Advance to Tray 2?

While its possible that you may be able to wear tray # 2 while skipping the first tray I personally would not recommend that route for any of my patients. I…

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How Long After Invisalign Do I Need a Retainer?

It seems that this question is asked almost on a daily basis! Retainers must be worn forever after Orthodontic treatment so that your teeth will stay…

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Do Dental Implants Risk Infection?

With proper case selection ,pre and post surgical protocol the risk for Dental Infection following Implant placement should be exceptionally minimal. In…

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Dental Implants Procedure – What’s the procedure to create and install a dental implant?

Just like anything else in life people will have positive and negative preconceived notions based on their experiences and conversations with others. The…

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How Painful is It to Get Dental Implants?

All of the patients that I have seen post operative after their Dental Implants have been placed have had zero to minimal discomfort. Any post operative…

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Why Do Crowns Break?

Dental Crowns can break or fracture for a number of reasons. Sometimes forces applied to a Crown or tooth can be excessive . Other times its possible that…

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Have You Ever Heard of a Crown Lenghting?

Nancy, Crown Lengthening is without question a necessary and valid procedure and there are many indications for its usage. If a Tooth is considered small…

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Options For Dental Crown Not Fitting and Odor From Gum line?

A great fitting Crown can only result from an accurate and detailed Impression. From your clinical description it sounds like you would benefit from some…

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Can a Bridge Be Made on an Implant and Connect to a Tooth

Simply put I do not recommend connecting implant supported teeth to natural teeth. Natural teeth are connected to bone with a resilient ligament which is…

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How Much Does Teeth Bonding Costs?

Natural Teeth that have been worn down by grinding raises a red flag as to what one can expect if those types are teeth are restored with Bonding,Veneers,…

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Is It Possible to Have Bonding on Front Tooth Without Roughening It with Drilling Machine?

Its always possible that a patient can attain a given time frame of usefulness with “No Prep” Dental Bonding.The long term gains though are much…

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