Common Cosmetic Dental Problems in Oradell

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There are a variety of dental issues which can adversely impact the appearance of your teeth. Each of these cosmetic dental problems has a corresponding treatment which can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted.

Common Problems Cosmetic Dentistry Can Treat

At Oradell Family Dental, we can repair or renew your smile if you suffer from one of the following problems:

Crooked Teeth

The most common correction for crooked teeth is orthodontic work, usually braces. Cosmetic dentistry allows you to avoid the unsightly appearance of traditional braces in favor of Invisalign®, a treatment consisting of a series of clear plastic aligner trays which gradually straighten your teeth over time. If you do not want to wait for straight teeth, porcelain veneers can create the appearance of a straight, beautiful smile in just a few office visits.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

If your teeth are chipped or cracked, the damage may be restored in a single office visit with dental bonding. By layering dental composite over your damaged tooth, the surface can be restored, providing you with a fully functional tooth. Dental bonding can be applied in a variety of shades to match the surrounding tooth enamel, making it virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Broken or Decayed Teeth

If your teeth are damaged beyond just minor cracks or chips, tooth crowns can restore and protect the remaining base of your teeth after the damage has been removed. If your tooth is too badly damaged to be reinforced with a dental crown, dental implant restorations may serve as a viable replacement, restoring your bite to a healthy, complete state.

Discolored Teeth

Many individuals rank discolored, dull, or yellow teeth as their biggest complaint about their smile. For the majority of individuals, professional teeth whitening can brighten your smile to a remarkably whiter shade in just one office visit. If your teeth are chemically discolored, or if regular whitening treatments cannot get your teeth as white as you would like them, porcelain veneers may be applied to the surface of your teeth to make them appear brighter and whiter.

Metal Fillings

Dental fillings made from metal are both unsightly and outdated. Tooth colored fillings made of dental composite or porcelain can replace your metal fillings to make your teeth look whole and healthy without the flash of silver when you speak or smile.

Learn How an Oradell Cosmetic Dentist Treats Common Problems

Dr. Perlmutter has years of experience providing custom-tailored treatments to address common cosmetic dental problems in Oradell patients. Please contact our cosmetic dentist today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Perlmutter, serving residents of Northern New Jersey from Bergenfield, Dumont, Haworth, Paramus and the nearby Bergen County areas.

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