Common Questions About Teeth Whitening in Oradell

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What Types of Tooth Whitening Options Do You Provide?

Oradell Family Dental is proud to offer several tooth whitening options to our patients, including in-office and take-home systems. We offer in office as well as professional grade at-home tooth whitening systems to meet the varied need of each patient. Each of these options has been chosen for the consistent results and comfort they provide to our patients.

Will Tooth Whitening Really Make My Teeth Whiter?

Yes. The tooth whitening systems we offer have proven to consistently whiten our patients’ teeth by several shades. The only exceptions are individuals whose teeth are chemically stained or genetically dark, and which therefore cannot be affected by traditional tooth whitening systems. In these situations, Oradell dentist Dr. Howard Perlmutter may recommend porcelain veneers to accomplish your whitening goals.

Will Tooth Whitening Systems Make My Teeth More Sensitive to Heat and Cold?

Some tooth whitening products can make your teeth sensitive, but we have chosen our tooth whitening systems specifically because they very rarely cause tooth sensitivity while delivering remarkably whiter teeth after treatment. Each type of whitening treatment can be customized for sensitive teeth, and Dr. Perlmutter can adjust the whitening solution if your teeth are highly sensitive to heat and cold.

Is In-Office Tooth Whitening Better Than Take-Home Tooth Whitening?

At Oradell Family Dental, our in-office and at-home tooth whitening systems provide you with excellent results. However, these are both professional tooth whitening systems and should not be mistaken for over-the-counter products available in your local drug store. Professional tooth whitening systems use stronger solutions to produce more noticeable results. While over-the-counter products can whiten your teeth, the results are not likely to be as remarkable and will generally not last as long as those produced by professional tooth whitening treatments.

Is Tooth Whitening Expensive?

Professional tooth whitening does cost more than over-the-counter whitening systems; however, the results are immediate, and often your teeth will be two to three times whiter than with over-the-counter products. If you are interested in remarkably whiter teeth, especially if you would like to have whiter teeth for an upcoming special occasion, professional tooth whitening is a valuable investment that can create remarkable results in just one office visit. If you are concerned about the cost of tooth whitening, our financing options can help you receive the treatment you desire without breaking your budget.

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